The Role of the Higher Infinite in Mathematics and Other Disciplines, December 14-18 2015

Workshop Theme

The objective of the programme Mathematical, Foundational and Computational Aspects of the Higher Infinite is to stimulate the exchange of ideas among researchers pursuing different approaches to infinity: mathematical, foundational, and computational.

Traditional set theory has been rather inwards-looking for many decades, dealing with the difficult and rewarding technical problems that the field provided. This has changed in the last decade, and set theorists have been eager to see the connections between their work and what is done in other fields of mathematics as well as outside of mathematics. Examples are the study of infinite games in the social sciences and theoretical computer science, the use of strong logics in data base theory, and the use of ideas from infinite combinatorial set theory in the design and analysis of efficient computer algorithms.

Our final workshop will highlight this network of applications of the higher infinite in mathematics and beyond.

As part of this meeting, we are also celebrating the 50th birthday of one of the three programme organisers, Mirna Dzamonja. During one afternoon of the workshop (organised together with Jouko Väänänen), we shall have a number of talks concerned with her work.

Invited speakers:

Dana Bartošova (São Paulo)
Nathan Bowler (Hamburg)
Andrew Brooke-Taylor (Bristol)
Catrin Campbell-Moore (Cambridge)
Merlin Carl (Konstanz)
Johannes Carmesin (Cambridge)
Olivier Finkel (Paris)
Martin Hyland (Cambridge)
Imre Leader (Cambridge)
Jordi López-Abad (Madrid)
Bob Lubarsky (Boca Raton FL)
Andrew Marks (Pasadena CA)
Benjamin Miller (Vienna)
Michael Rathjen (Leeds)
Jiří Rosický (Brno)
Philippe Schnoebelen (Cachan)

Dzamonja afternoon speakers:

István Juhász (Budapest)
Jean Larson (Gainesville FL)
Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem)


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  1. many videos of the talks may be found in here.

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