Thematic Semester on Descriptive Set Theory and Polish groups, More info

Thematic Semester on Descriptive Set Theory and Polish groups
Bernoulli Center, Lausanne, Switzerland.
January – June, 2018.

During the period January 1st – June 30th, 2018, there will be a thematic semester on Descriptive Set Theory and Polish Groups held at the Bernoulli Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The semester is organised around five week long activities, including three conferences and two workshops, along with three Bernoulli Lectures held in connection with these events.
Conference: Borel combinatorics and ergodic theory (organised by C. Conley and D. Gaboriau), February 5-9.
Bernoulli Lecture: Stephen Jackson (Univ. North Texas), February 8.
Conference: Structure and dynamics of Polish groups (organised by A. Thom and T. Tsankov), March 19-23.
Workshop: Large scale geometry of Polish groups (organised by J. Moore and C. Rosendal), March 26-29.
Bernoulli Lecture: Mikhail Gromov (IHES) – What is Probability? March 27.
Workshop: Ideals and exceptional sets in Polish spaces (organised by M. Elekes and S. Solecki), June 4-8.
Conference: Descriptive set theory (organised by B. Miller, A. Kechris and S. Todorcevic), June 18-22.
Bernoulli Lecture: Slawomir Solecki (Cornell) – Projective Fraisse limits, approaching topology through logic. June 21.
In addition to these semester activities, the 11th Young Set Theory Workshop will be held at the Bernoulli Center during the week of June 25-29.

Detailed information about the semester and these event is available at the following link

The Bernoulli Center has large capacity and everyone is invited to attend the events of the semester. Registration for the individual events can be done through the above link by clicking at the conference/workshop in the right column.

Funding for US based visitors is secured through an NSF grant, while limited funding for other participants is also available. Requests for funding should be made during online registration.

Please note that registration and funding requests for the events in March should be made before mid-December.

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