Tomasz Weiss: Accessible points, harmonic measure and the Riemann mapping

Seminar: Working group in applications of set theory, IMPAN

Thursday, 17.01.2019, 10:15, room 105, IMPAN

Speaker: Tomasz Weiss (UKSW)

Title: “Accessible points, harmonic measure and the Riemann mapping”

Abstact: “Let D be a bounded domain in R_n, n larger than 1. We provide an elementary proof that the set of all boundary accessible points of D is an analytic set. We investigate the nature of the set of accessible points of D when n=2 using only set theoretical methods. We provide also a view of the relation between harmonic measure in D, if n=2, D simply connected, and the Riemann mapping of D. In this talk we prove new results and give easier proofs of known results”.

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