Santi Spadaro: Noetherian type and other topological cardinal invariants…

Toronto Set Theory Seminar
Friday, March 2 from 1:30–3pm
Fields, Room 210

Speaker: Santi Spadaro (York)

Title: Noetherian type and other topological cardinal invariants of an
order-theoretic flavour


Noetherian type is a cardinal function that was introduced by
Peregudov in the 90s to capture some base properties studied by the
Russian School in the 70s. It has a striking affinity to the Suslin
Number and for this reason it has an interesting productive behavior.
We will show an example of two spaces of uncountable Noetherian type
whose product has countable Noetherian type and single out classes of
spaces in which the Noetherian type cannot decrease by passing from a
space to its square. Time permitting we will show some independence
results regarding the Noetherian type of countably supported box
products. This is joint work with Menachem Kojman and Dave Milovich.

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