50 Years of Set Theory in Toronto, Fields institute, May 13-17, 2019

  50 Years of Set Theory in Toronto, May 13-17, 2019

This conference will celebrate  the 50th anniversary of the Toronto Set Theory Seminar. Its purpose is to introduce and/or survey contemporary work in the areas currently investigated by Seminar members. The conference will  take place at the Fields Institute in Toronto, and is supported by the Fields, NSF, and NSERC. Requests to be placed on the conference mailing list and other correspondence may  be directed to set-theory@Fields.utoronto.ca. Those who have already  written to the lead organizer asking to be placed on the mailing list need not write  again. The  conference  website is  http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/activities/18-19/set-theory. As planning proceeds, more information will  be posted there.

The invited speakers include L. Aurichi, B. Braga, C. Brech, N. Dobrinen, A. Dow, C. Eagle, V. Fischer, O. Guzman, M. Hrusak, I. Juhasz, P. Koszmider, W. Kubis, P. Larson, M. Magidor, J. Moore, Y. Peng, A. Rinot, D. Soukup, and A. Tornquist. Some others are not yet confirmed.

There will be poster sessions for contributed papers. Please send abstracts of proposed talks to set-theory@fields.utoronto.ca.

The registration fee is $100 Canadian (approximately $75 U.S.). Details as to how to pay will be announced later.

There will be a separate event for graduates of the seminar on May 12th.

Some support is available for graduate students and postdocs outside Toronto, especially U.S.-based ones. Apply by sending a c.v. to the above address, and by asking your supervisor to send us a recommendation letter. Graduate students and postdocs at York University and the University of Toronto can ask their supervisors to pay their registration fees from NSERC operating grants.

The local organizing committee consists of Franklin D. Tall (lead organizer), Ilijas Farah, Juris Steprans, Paul Szeptycki, Stevo Todorcevic, and William Weiss. The conference secretary is Mateusz Olechnowicz.

Information about accommodations, transportation, etc. can be found on the Fields Institute. website: www.fields.utoronto.ca.

Those needing Canadian visas should apply well in advance. We can supply letters of invitation upon request.

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