Postdoc position in Set Theory in Torino (July 2013 to June 2015)

There is an opening for a two year post-doc position in set theory in the department of mathematics of Torino university starting july 1st 2013 and finishing june the 30th 2015.

Applicants are required to be less than 35 and must have earned their Ph.D. title. It is also required to the applicants to have at least one publication in a peer reviewed journal in the last five years. The net salary is slightly more than 1400 euros per month. The post doc will join the logic group of the department which consists of Matteo Viale, Alessandro Andretta, Raphael Carroy (set theory), Domenico Zambella (model theory).

The selection of applicants will be based on an evaluation of the CV, of the publication records, and of their interests of research which must be in set theory. It is possible to file online the applications creating an account on the italian ministry of education website. If you intend to apply write to in order to get detailed information on the filing procedure.

Applicants can deposit their online registration forms since the 7th of may 2013 up to the 28 of may 2013. Those passing a first selection will be admitted to a (skype) interview which will take place between the 5th and the 7th of june 2013.

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